Sunday, December 13, 2009

Learn To Shop For Little To No Money

Are you sick of paying full price for everything? We spend so much money on food and other necessities and it seems like the prices just keep going up. There are many people that don’t make that much money or are unemployed and living on very tight budgets. Well I have found a site that will help you stretch that dollar.

Snag A Bargain shows people how to shop. It lists the best deals, places to get coupons, and how to work different rewards programs to get stuff for little to no money out of pocket. I have tried a few of these deals and let me tell you, they are great.

Don’t wait, check out Snag A Bargain and start saving money.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The End of Agloco

Agloco took the internet by storm. All of these promises were made for the possibility to make millions. So many people signed up and spent so much time marketing this company to get more signups so that they can make those millions. The business model was so good that one couldn't help but give it a try. So what happened? Short story....Agloco ran out of money. They can no longer afford to keep the business running. I guess it's true what they say....If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is......

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Easily Earn Money with Adsense

Just a few years ago there were only a select few people earning money with Google Adsense — fast forward to today; there are literally hundreds of thousands of people who are actually living off of their adsense income. I personally know more than 5 people making $2000+ per month with adsense alone.

Below I’ve provided details on an extremely simple and straight forward way of getting your start in adsense earning. Funny thing is — you’ll be using another one of google’s free products,

First, sign up for Adsense...

Start earning with Adsense – $0.00 Investment

I’m not going to hand this to you on a silver platter, rather, I’ll just set you in the right direction and let you spread your own wings.

The concept: Set-up one or multiple free blogs on Blogger. Choose unique ideas and themes for each, do some google searching for different subjects. Try your hobbies, interests, or really anything that comes to mind. One idea would be to find unsigned or new bands that are becoming popular. Usually there isn’t much about them online yet. Either way — do some research before throwing up your first few blogs.

Setup the blog with a good theme and add adsense ads to your template. Blogger has made it extremely simple to do this with point and click features in their system.

There are two tricks to this whole concept — UNIQUE content and TIME. Once you get a few links back to your blog the search engine spiders will pick it up. If you have unique content or rank for specific words that are all over the net yet, you’ll automatically rank pretty high even with a new site. Time comes into play if you’re trying to rank for more popular search words — once your blog has been online for quite some time it builds up a reputation with the search engines (another thing that helps is a ton of links from other sites.) Links are pretty easy to generate, think forums — other peoples' blogs — social sites, use your imagination.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Wordpress for Dummies Rocks!!

I bought Wordpress for Dummies and am in the process of reading it. I know there is a lot of free information about Wordpress out there but here is what I found. I am what you would consider a computer savvy person but I am new to blogging. I had a hard time finding the information that I wanted. Many of the free online tutorials seemed to be missing pieces of crucial information. So I bought the book.

I have found this book to be extremely excellent. The book is easy to read and follow. It is s broken up into sections. You can read the sections that you need and not have to read the whole thing. It covers a wide range of topics including using a hosted service, self hosting, Multi-User, themes, plugins, and designing. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is new to blogging and to Wordpress.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Wordpress for Dummies?

There seems to be a lot of money to be made blogging.... The easiest way is to use a free service like blogspot. You can set up a blog in no time. I have seen some very nice blogs out there and have found out that they use a free product called Wordpress. I have downloaded Wordpress but now I am looking to learn how to use it. I have searched online for free tutorials and it seems to me that I am missing something. After numerous attempts, I decided to see if there was a dummies book. They have dummies books for everything else.

I was right....It does exist and I was able to find one at a really good price on Amazon. I will be buying this and seeing if it works....